Vibrating woven wire screen edge

Different Edge Type of Vibrating Woven Wire Mesh

Vibrating woven wire mesh is commonly used for separating, sorting and sizing the stone, sand, gravel and other material. For strength and durability, there are many edge types of it. You can see it and know more about it.

Vibrating woven wire mesh edge types are plain, bent, reinforced shroud, welded shroud and bolt shroud.

Plain edge

Plain edge means the ordinary edge without any bent or hook. It is simple but it can not provide too much tensile strength for the screen.It is not widely used in the vibrating screen.

Bent edge

Bent edge means woven mesh Without Reinforcing, Typically provided on screens of 5/16″ and larger wire diameters. Edges are annealed before forming to eliminate cracking and breakage. vibrating screen mesh

Reinforced shroud edge

Reinforced edge is an edge method, which fold an metal sheet to the bent edge to eliminates screen pull-out on screens woven of both large and small wire diameters and supply an extra protection for the edge.

Vibrating Woven Wire Screen Edge

Welded shroud edge

Welded shroud edge is an edge method, which fix the edge to the metal sheet through welding. This edge is firm and hard to separating no matter how strong the material vibration.

Bolt shroud edge

Bolt shroud edge is a variation of reinforced shroud edge. It can fix the screen mesh to the metal sheet edge through bolt. The bolt is made of strong metal, which can supply the extra strength for the shroud edge and eliminate the possibility of breakaway.

Vibrating Woven Wire Screen Edge1